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Giving Best Man Speeches – How to Do It

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You have written your awesome best man speech and practiced it well. Now it’s showtime! The big day is here and soon all eyes will be on you.

Let’s start with what you should have done in advance though. Then we’ll give some pointers on how to act leading up to and during the speech.

This is completely up to you, but my personal recommendation is to have a cheat sheet. If you think you can avoid reading like a machine from the paper, it’s good to have the full speech in front of you.

Note cards are great as long as you know the speech well enough to tie your cues together in a nice flowing way. If you can memorize the whole speech, well done – but remember that nerves can play a part in making you unsure when the lights are on.

Personally I had the whole thing written on small cue cards that I glanced at every once in a while. It’s always good to have a safety net.

If you feel like a glass of wine or a beer takes the edge off, go ahead. It won’t hurt.

Just make absolutely sure you don’t get drunk. If you do, you may find out that you are slurring your words – which will ruin your speech. Stay on the safe side and have nothing more than at most a couple units of alcohol.

When giving best man wedding speeches you should think about your attitude as well as what you are saying. Stand up straight, have a good posture and try to like you are confident in yourself.

Make it as if you are just telling a story to some friends but with a little bit more decorum. You need to be certain that you do not slouch, put your shoulders back and make sure that you have your head up and are looking the audience in the eye as well. In some parts of the speech when directly addressing the groom and/or bride you should also look them in the eye.

Speak slowly and leave room for pauses. Both for your own sake and to leave room for laughs from the guests. Don’t hammer away full speed like your only goal is to be done with it. Speak loud and clear. Everyone should be able to hear exactly what you’re saying – even in the back corner.

Was that so hard?
Well done, sir! Time to start drinking. ;)

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Giving Best Man Speeches - How to Do It
Chosen as a best man at your friend's wedding? Get tips on how to prepare your best man speech-giving and how to act during the speech.

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